Is it “cool” to hate on health food?

We know, we know, you shouldn’t believe everything you read online. Especially about health food.

But recently there have been a number of articles picking holes in alternative lifestyles. We’re concerned that this trend of picking holes in alternative lifestyle choices will be detrimental to the health food movement. We should be fighting the causes of obesity, not finding faults with health food options.

Apparently some healthy foods can be bad for the environment

map of world made from health food “Yes, this article is about some of the environmental issues associated with vegetable-rich diets within the U.S., but it is not an attack on the ethics-driven dietary choices of people and it shouldn’t be used as such.” Isn’t it? Social media is great at capturing the essence of an article and ignoring the fine print. The fact that this article has to highlight that it’s not an attack on the ethics (or health) driven dietary choices suggests that it’s more likely to be taken that way by reactionary twitter users!  

Why healthy eating may be the new eating disorder: Raw food and paleo dieters ‘at risk of a dangerous obsession with nutrition’

“I had been seduced by righteous eating.” We get it. Any ‘new’ diet comes with the risk of obsession. Instead of the fear of calories, Paleo and Raw Food come with the fear of processed foods and chemicals. But when the national press publishes articles like this those people considering making healthier choices may not, for fear that they’ll become orthorexic. (Orthorexia nervosa is the term coined for the ‘health food eating disorder’) paleo health food essentials

My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me

The New York Post published a scathing article focusing on how one food blogger’s change to a vegan diet almost killed her. What they neglected to understand was that the young lady in question was only consuming 800 calories a day. We’d say it the Veganism wasn’t to blame for her illness, but rather her extremely restricted calorie intake. Health food grapefruit  

We like to call ourselves champions of moderation

It’s not difficult. Cut out the processed stuff. Cook more. Eat real food, not food from a packet. Most importantly take what you read online with a pinch of salt. (not too much salt, it’s not good for your heart). Examine the positive and the negative and discover your own truths. You don’t need a complete overhaul. Stick with us and we’ll help you find your version of healthy.

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