Experimenting with Sleep

We’ve heard some ridiculous “old wives tales” over the past few years, so in order to debunk a few myths we set our blogger the task of testing some well-known theories. Her results are outlined in the videos below. If you have a myth you’d like debunked or a theory put to the test. Or simply want to set our blogger a challenge, get in touch.

Popular Sleep Myths

  1. Watching TV helps you fall asleep. The blue light emitted by TVs, laptops and mobile phone screens wreaks havoc with your melatonin production, keeping you awake.
  2. Snoring is harmless. Very untrue. In fact it can be a sign of serious health issues. Find out more about snoring here.
  3. Everyone needs 8 hours sleep a night. It has been proven that our sleep cycles are 90 minutes long. So you should sleep in multiples of 1.5 hours. 6, 7 and a half or 9 are recommended. Use the free online Sleepytime Calculator to work out what time to go to bed.

Knight Nite

Binaural Beats explained

Hypnosis for Sleep

Breaking the 8 hour myth


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