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Breathing for Success!

So today I watched a Ted Talks video as I do quite often except rather than bring a tear to my eye or leave me with some interesting information or divine wisdom, this one may actually change my life.  It's by a man called Dr Alan Watkins and he talks about the...

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How much sleep do I need?

Sleep is essential to the rhythm of life. As you sleep your body rests and restores, so you're ready to meet the day ahead at your best. Yet 30% (and rising) of the UK population report difficulties sleeping. The consequences of poor sleep are more severe than a few...

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Using acupuncture and osteopathy to relieve snoring

Working as an Osteopath and a traditional Chinese Acupuncturist I encounter a number of patients with varying respiratory problems. The most common by far is snoring, affecting approximately 45% of men and 30% of women. Osteopathy is a system of healing, using...

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Hypnosis for Sleep Problems

The words hypnosis and sleep are often used in the same sentence. As a hypnotherapist I like to make people aware of the stark differences between the two, and that the assumption that hypnosis is sleep, is a huge fallacy. When in hypnosis the subject is wide awake...

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Sleep Apnoea associated with shortened life span

Sleep is so vital to health, mental activity and longevity that nature has evolved a complex of powerful mechanisms and sequences to ensure it is uninterrupted. As each day draws towards its end a chemical called melotonin starts to be secreted by the pineal gland in...

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