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Category: Health

Breaking the 8 hour sleep-myth

Is the traditional 8 hours sleep myth outdated? It’s long been stated that we should be sleeping for 8 hours every night. But research into sleep cycles suggests each of our cycles lasts 90 minutes. You should aim to sleep...

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Welcome to Your Healthy Hub

We’re so much more than just a health store or blog Welcome to Your Healthy Hub. Created by two lifetime friends, we’re dedicated to bringing you everything you need to improve your health and wellbeing. We love real...

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Breathing for Success!

So today I watched a Ted Talks video as I do quite often except rather than bring a tear to my eye or leave me with some interesting information or divine wisdom, this one may actually change my life.  It’s by a man called...

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How much sleep do I need?

Sleep is essential to the rhythm of life. As you sleep your body rests and restores, so you’re ready to meet the day ahead at your best. Yet 30% (and rising) of the UK population report difficulties sleeping. The...

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Hypnosis for Sleep Problems

The words hypnosis and sleep are often used in the same sentence. As a hypnotherapist I like to make people aware of the stark differences between the two, and that the assumption that hypnosis is sleep, is a huge fallacy. When...

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